A downloadable game for Windows

Our plan was to make something like this but in 3D, you place a single block and when many people come together they can make something cool. However, we didn't finish everything we wanted to add and thought it would be too boring to add those limitations, so now it's a sort of minecraft clone with just one world where everyone can place and remove blocks. Which we are quite proud to have made from the scratch in 2 days :)

Hope you have fun!


Blokom.rar 17 MB


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this guy said it right.


we forgot to write it down, you can change it with F7/F8

the reason is because rendering is unoptimised and it slows down a lot with bigger render distance




Haha that's me

Amazing job guys!

Hvala vam

I'm confused. does everyone place blocks in the same multiplayer world, or does each player have their own world? Either way well done regardless

There's just one world shared by everyone! Unfortunately you can't see other players, but you can see when they place blocks